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Rico Ricardo, S.H.

Rico Ricardo is a licensed advocate with extensive experience in litigation, particularly in intellectual property, and commercial law.

Before joining Nurmansyah IP Firm, Rico spent six years at a leading IP law firm. Throughout his seven-year legal career, Rico has handled a wide range of cases, including crime, corruption, civil disputes, and intellectual property litigation, representing various companies in Indonesia, both local and international. He has also been tasked with collecting performing rights royalties.

Aside from his litigation skills, Rico is also a proficient legal writer. His work has been published in the international book “The Law Review – The Insurance and Reinsurance Law Review,” in its sixth (2018) and seventh (2019) editions.

Rico is a licensed advocate with the Indonesian Advocates Association (Perhimpunan Advokat Indonesia, Peradi). Additionally, he is recognized as a Tax Lawyer and is a member of the Indonesian Tax Lawyers Association and the Legal Representatives Association for Tax Court Proceedings (Perkumpulan Pengacara Pajak dan Kuasa Hukum Pengadilan Pajak Indonesia, PKKPI).


  • Bachelor of Law, Catholic University of Atma Jaya Jakarta

Area of Practice

  • Administrative Law
  • Commercial IP
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Dispute Resolution
  • IP Litigation and Enforcement
  • Tax
  • Telecommunication


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